Many asked out of the blue, why did our company decide to design a unique POS system ourselves instead of just modifying a system that is available in the market? The answer is simple. Our specialist has been spending over 15 years of experience in retail (either as a business owner, business consultant, or executive manager). There is no coherent POS system that could help the manager to quicken up the managerial decision or increase efficiency in the corporation. Therefore, we decide to design our own and we are likely to share and spread this excitement to all the retailers.  

(Q) Is ARMS® the right product for me?

(A) Yes, in today's retail high competitive environment, the use of technology enhancement will be treated as an opportunity to survive over the long-run. ARMS® are designed to be user friendly, ease of change, adaptability to your nature of business, cost effective, upgradable, portable, ease of use and apply, and others. It simply the best software in class.


(Q) Where can I buy ARMS® LITE?

(A) You can purchase ARMS® LITE from any of our authorized dealers or contact us at +604-5075742 so that our professional will direct you to the nearest, available outlets. 


(Q) Is the price constant, regards different distributors from different locations?

(A) Yes, the standard price for ARMS® LITE is uniform. Nevertheless, pricing might vary depends on the outlet's location (for example: East/West Malaysia). In addition, promotional campaign is subject to individual carriers.  


(Q) Where can I start after purchasing ARMS® LITE?

(A) Kindly refers to ARMS® LITE user manual to be one step closer for a better business solution. 


(Q) Where can I get ARMS® LITE user manual?

(A) You can either find it on our ARMS® LITE DVD disc, or the application will be available click here for ARMS® LITE website


(Q) Do ARMS® act as a hardware supplier?

(A) Kindly contact us at +604-5075742 for more information. 


(Q) What Printers does ARMS® LITE support?

(A) ARMS® LITE come with Ubuntu 10.04 preinstalled, you will need printer that is has support for Ubuntu 10.04. If you install in Windows, then make sure the Windows driver is available according to your Windows version.


(Q) Do I get free on-site training upon request?

(A) No, on-site training charges defers depending on your specific request requirements. However, telephone support and e-ticketing is available at no charge while purchase ARMS® LITE. 


(Q) Why is it important to register your account?

(A) Once you're registered, your database will be stored by the service provider for advanced security purpose and software update.


(Q) Do I get free upgrade when a new version is available?

(A) Yes, once registered as a valid account user from http://armslite.com, you will get to download up to date version update or upgrade from our website (DOWNLOAD) section.  


(Q) What happen if my USB Security Dongle is not working?

(A) Contact us to request for a replacement dongle (which will costs RM99 include shipping within Malaysia). To be eligible for replacement, you must already REGISTER your ARMS® LITE. Therefore it is very important that you do the registration as soon as you install ARMS®LITE.


(Q) Can I integrate the software with others when I have multiple outlets?

(A) Yes, ARMS® are designed to serve multiple levels of business capital. Kindly check out our (PRODUCT) page for more details information. 


(Q) How can I become a ARMS® LITE dealer?

(A) Kindly fill in all necessary information under (BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY) section if you are interested in becoming one of our dealers or call us at +604-5075742.